Conical Adapters

Conical Adapters include several products that have been engineered to connect between soft-walled tubing and rigid-walled tubing. The Peristaltic Tubing Adapters included in this family of products come as 2-packs and can facilitate a very secure connection between the soft-walled tubing and 1/16″ OD rigid-walled tubing using the included compression fitting set. (Other tubing sizes can also function with the 1/4-28 threaded, flat-bottom ports that are part of the design of these adapters.)

Standard Conical Adapter Assemblies come individually packaged and can facilitate the connection of both 1/16″ OD and 1/8″ OD rigid-walled tubing to softer-walled tubing of varying inner diameter. While the Conical Adapter Assemblies are easy to use, they do not incorporate a locking collar, as do the Peristaltic Tubing Adapters. As such, the pressure rating for the Conical Adapter Assemblies tends to be lower than that offered with the Peristaltic Tubing Adapters.

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