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Monodisperse Liquid Chromatography Columns | The Evolution of Columns

Fortis Technologies has designed a new fully porous monodisperse particle for use in HPLC columns. Combining this with a new range of selectivities gives the analyst the ability for high-resolution, high-efficiency separations.

Based upon a fully porous silica monodisperse particle, Evosphere® is the evolution of particle technology.

Combine a high-efficiency particle with low backpressure, high loadability, scalability, and reproducibility and you have the ultimate combination.
Then add in novel selectivity options to provide enhanced resolution and selectivity and you have the capability to separate more compounds in less time with greater sensitivity. By building on a pure silica substrate method development and method transfer become more robust and reproducible across platforms as you scale from capillary to preparative.

Evosphere% CpH rangeUSP
Common Specs
Particle Size: 1.7µm  3µm  5µm
Surface Area: 350m2/g
Pore Size: 100Å

Evosphere Capillaries

Evosphere capillaries are available in 75μm, 200μm, 0.5mm, 1mm i.d. with any phase chemistry and any particle size from the Evosphere range.

Evosphere Prep

Evosphere Prep columns are designed for high sample loading, high throughput applications. The optimised packed bed (OPB) process ensures excellent peak shapes and efficiency, whilst the lifetime of the column is increased.

  • 10mm and 21.2mm
  • High Loadability
  • Optimised Packing Efficiency
  • Narrow peak profile, High Efficiency and Resolution

Target Markets

Selectivity Choices


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