UniverSil columns are an economical alternative to many of the older brands on the marketplace from Alltech, Macherey-Nagel, Hypersil and Waters. Many of the phases have very similar physical characteristics meaning that UniverSil will provide similar selectivity and resolution to your current chromatography.

  • Surface Area – 175m2/g
  • Pore Size – 140Å
  • % Carbon – 11%C

Use UniverSil to upgrade your method in terms of peak shape, robustness and reproducibility, or just to provide an economical alternative to your current column. UniverSil silica is a new Type B silica meaning improved peak shape and improved lifetime.

UniverSil C18 is a suitable alternative to:

Alltech ODS2Alltech220m2/g
Alltech Exsil C18Alltech220m2/g
Hypersil ODSThermo Electron170m2/g
Hypersil BDSThermo Electron170m2/g
Nucleosil 120 C18Macherey-Nagel200m2/g
Pinnacle C18Restek170m2/g
Spherisorb ODS1Waters200m2/g
Sperisorb ODS2Waters200m2/g
Supelcosil LC18Supelco170m2/g
Ultrasphere C18Beckman200m2/g
Zorbax Rx-C18Agilent180m2/g
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