Gas Tight

Syringes are designed and tested to meet critical instrument performance requirements for dimensional preciseness and overall lifetime. Needle point styles are designed to withstand multiple injections through a septum.

A large variety of syringes for the most popular gas chromatography autosamplers.

Needle LengthNeedle GaugeNeedle Point StyleVolumePlunger Tip Material
5147Conical Needle5µlPTFE
5147Special Conical Needle5µlPTFE
5147Blunt Needle5µlPTFE
5147Beveled Needle5µlPTFE
5147Conical Needle10µlPTFE
5147Special Conical Needle10µlPTFE
5147Blunt Needle10µlPTFE
5147Beveled Needle10µlPTFE
5172Conical Needle25µlPTFE
5172Special Conical Needle25µlPTFE
5172Blunt Needle25µlPTFE
5172Beveled Needle25µlPTFE
5172Conical Needle50µlPTFE
5172Special Conical Needle50µlPTFE
5172Blunt Needle50µlPTFE
5172Beveled Needle50µlPTFE
5172Conical Needle100µlPTFE
5172Special Conical Needle100µlPTFE
5172Blunt Needle100µlPTFE
5172Beveled Needle100µlPTFE
5172Conical Needle250µlPTFE
5172Special Conical Needle250µlPTFE
5172Blunt Needle250µlPTFE
5172Beveled Needle250µlPTFE
5172Conical Needle500µlPTFE
5172Special Conical Needle500µlPTFE
5172Blunt Needle500µlPTFE
5172Beveled Needle500µlPTFE
5172Conical Needle1,0mlPTFE
5172Conical Needle1,0mlPTFE
5172Special Conical Needle1,0mlPTFE
5172Blunt Needle1,0mlPTFE
5172Beveled Needle1,0mlPTFE
5164Beveled Needle1,0mlPTFE
5172Special Conical Needle2,5mlPTFE
5172Conical Needle2,5mlPTFE
5172Special Conical Needle2,5mlPTFE
5172Blunt Needle2,5mlPTFE
5172Beveled Needle2,5mlPTFE
5172Conical Needle5,0mlPTFE
5172Blunt Needle5,0mlPTFE
5172Beveled Needle5,0mlPTFE
5172Conical Needle10,0mlPTFE
5172Blunt Needle10,0mlPTFE
5172Beveled Needle10,0mlPTFE

The syringes and replacement needles marketed by Target Analysis are intended for scientific research and laboratory use only and not for in vivo use on humans or animals.

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