iST | For protein/proteomics preparation

Don’t waste precious time preparing samples. Proteomics sample preparation simplified!

Robust, sensitive, fast, and easy-to-use kits. Standardized methods for sample preparation – ready for mass spectrometry analysis

The challenge:

Complex, multi-step methods of proteomics sample preparation for mass spectrometry analysis have inherent challenges of time, contamination and sample loss. Preparing labelled samples over an extended time period with a complex method leads to variation in results. This challenge is exacerbated with large numbers of samples and small starting amount of input material.

The solution:

PreOmics improved sample technology enables robust and reproducible sample preparation. The iST method provides significant time savings as complex workflows previously requiring many different reagents taking 48 hours are replaced by a single kit containing all standardized reagents. The iST kit allows proteomics sample preparation for MS analysis, whether manually, semi or fully automated.

Streamline workflows

1. Sample

Samples should be liquid, homogenates or a soft pellet.

2. Lyse, reduce, alkylate

Add LYSE reagent, and incubate for 10 mins at 95°C.

3. Digest

Cool, add DIGEST reagent, incubate for 60 mins at 37°C. Label according to vendor instructions.

4. Purify

Load onto cartridge, WASH and ELUTE. Dry and resuspend in LOAD.

5. MS analysis

Inject and analyze to see improved peptide identities.

iST Products

iST 8x

8 sample kit

iST 96x

96 sample kit | Racked into 96 well plate, has collars for individual processing

iST HT 192x

192 sample kit | Reagents in amber bottles for easy use with liquid handlers

iST PreON 8x

8 sample kit | With PreON plasticware included

iST PreON 96x

96 sample kit | With PreON plasticware included


20mL Volume

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