iST-Fractionation Add-on | Peptide fractionation

Don’t waste precious time preparing samples. Peptide fractionation simplified!

Simple, fast and reproducible peptide fractionation giving increased proteomic depth. Standardized methods for sample preparation – ready for mass spectrometry analysis

The challenge:

Preparing samples with complex proteomes e.g. human cell lines or tissues, or samples with a wide dynamic range in protein abundances for in depth proteomic characterizations is a compromise between effort, cost and method complexity.

The solution:

The PreOmics iST-Fractionation Add-on is based on dipole-moment and mixed-phase interactions (patent pending). Samples are prepared using the PreOmics iST kits until the WASH step and then fractionated using PreOmics iST-Fractionation Add-on kit. The fractionation buffers are prepared ready for use and the method takes just 10 minutes. The resulting fractions provide a significant increase in the peptide and protein identifications from a single sample.

Streamline workflows

1. Samples

Follow iST or iST-NHS protocol until WASH steps.

2. Fraction-1

Swap to a collection container. Add FRACTION-1 to the cartridge and spin.

3. Fraction-2

Change to a new collection container. Add FRACTION-2 to the cartridge and spin.

4. Fraction-3

Change to a new collection container. Add FRACTION-3 to the cartridge and spin.

5. MS analysis

Dry the samples and resuspend them in LC-LOAD. Inject and analyze to see improved peptide and protein identifications.

iST-Fractionation Add-on Products

8×3 reactions iST-Fractionation Add-on

8 sample kit

12×3 reactions iST-Fractionation Add-on

12 sample kit

96×3 reactions iST-Fractionation Add-on

96 sample kit


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