iST-PSI | Positive pressure processing

Don’t waste precious time preparing samples. High throughput sample preparation simplified!

Fast, reliable, standardized methods for bottom-up proteomic sample preparation on positive pressure devices.

The challenge:

As LC-MS instrumentation has developed, there is a growing need to increase sample throughput and sample preparation can become the rate-limiting step.

The solution:

The PreOmics iST-PSI workflow couples the simplicity of the iST technology with positive pressure plate processing. Positive pressure processing is known to improve recovery and reproducibility compared to negative pressure or centrifugation. The format is easily automated on major liquid handling platforms including Tecan Resolvex A200 and Hamilton [MP]2.

Streamline workflows

1. Sample

Samples should be liquid, homogenates or a soft pellet.

2. Lyse, reduce, alkylate

Add LYSE reagent, and incubate for 10 mins at 95°C.

3. Digest

Cool, add DIGEST reagent, and incubate for 60 mins at 37°C.

4. Processing on positive pressure device

Load onto SPE plate. WASH and ELUTE on a positive pressure device. Dry and resuspend in LOAD.

5. MS analysis

Inject and analyze to see improved peptide identities.

iST-PSI Products

iST-REG-PSI 96HT (192rxn)

192 sample kit | Complete iST sample preparation with 2 clean-up runs with 96 samples each on positive pressure devices

iST-REG-PSI Buffer Add-on

Buffer Add-on | Buffers in amber bottles for additional clean-up runs



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