iST-Trap | GFP immunoprecipitation preparation

Don’t waste precious time preparing samples. Immunoprecipitation sample preparation simplified!

Fast, reliable, preparation from immunoprecipitated samples ready for mass spectrometry.

The challenge:

Integrating immunoprecipitation with multi-step methods of proteomics sample preparation for mass spectrometry analysis has inherent challenges of time, contamination and sample loss. Preparing labelled samples over extended period with a complex method leads to variation in results especially when working with high sample throughput and small starting amounts of input material.

The solution:

The PreOmics / ChromoTek iST-Trap Kit enables the fast and efficient immunoprecipitation of GFP-Fusion proteins and the interaction factors followed by the innovative sample preparation for mass spectrometry based proteomics. All in less than 4 hours.

Streamline workflows

1. Sample immunoprecipitation

Samples should be liquid, add GFP-Trap_A and incubate at 4°C for 60 min.

2. Denature, reduce and alkylate

Add LYSE reagent, and incubate for 10 mins at 60°C.

3. Digest

Cool, add DIGEST reagent, incubate for 60 mins at 37°C.

4. Purify

Load onto cartridge, WASH and ELUTE. Dry and resuspend in LOAD.

5. MS analysis

Inject and analyze to see improved peptide identities.


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