Luer Tip Syringe

Syringes are designed and tested to meet critical instrument performance requirements for dimensional preciseness and overall lifetime. Needle point styles are designed to withstand multiple injections through a septum.

A large variety of syringes for the most popular autosamplers.

Needle LengthNeedle GaugeNeedle Point StyleNeedle TypeVolumePlunger Tip MaterialAgilent Ref.Ref.
63Conical NeedleFN1,0mlG6500-801072620012
5672Blunt NeedleFN1,0mlG6500-80104
63Conical NeedleFN2,5mlG6500-801092620032
5172Beveled NeedleFN2,5ml5182-96422600020
5672Blunt NeedleFN2,5mlG6500-801052620030
63Conical NeedleFN5,0mlG6500-801112620050
5172Beveled NeedleFN5,0ml5182-96382600040
5672Blunt NeedleFN5,0mlG6500-801062620056
51Beveled NeedleFN10,0ml5182-96432600060

The syringes and replacement needles marketed by Target Analysis are intended for scientific research and laboratory use only and not for in vivo use on humans or animals.


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