Micro-Metering Valves

Micro-Metering Valves consistently produce fine control of fluid flow rates. When used with a tee it can reduce outgoing flow to as low as 3.5 µL/min (@ 1 mL/min incoming flow rate with room temperature water). These needle valves are perfect for use with peristaltic pump fluid-transfer applications, mass spectrometry, and fraction collection. Micro-Metering Valves can also be used to regulate gas flow in helium sparging lines and as flow-dependent variable back pressure regulators. Flow path materials are PEEK polymer (valve body, needle) and PTFE (O-rings). The fittings included with the valves are manufactured from PEEK polymer only (10-32 threaded version) and PEEK and Tefzel® (1/4-28 threaded versions). All versions of these valves have .020″ thru-holes.


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