Ready-to-use with pre-fitted gas and liquid lines, customized for your ICP & ICPMS. Performance verified with instrument testing.

OneTouch Nebulizers

These nebulizers deliver high performance under challenging conditions. Available in:

  • borosilicate glass
  • quartz
  • ultra-high-purity SilQ quartz

to meet a variety of applications.

ICPMS – Compatible Models: 7700/7800/8800/8900

ICP – Compatible Models: 5100/5800/5900

ICPMS – Compatible Models: Element 1/Element 2/Neptune/iCAP Q/RQ/TQ/TOFWERK

ICP – Compatible Model: iCAP PRO/iCAP 6000/7000

ICPMS – Compatible Models: NexION 300/350/NexION 1000/2000/5000

ICP – Compatible Models: Avio 200/220 Max 500/550 Max/560 Max/Optima 5000/7000/8000

MEINHARD Classic Nebulizers

Siimplicity of design and operation, reproducibility of self-aligning aerosol, and close fabrication control.

  • Type A Nebulizers – ideal for the lowest detection limits and the smallest sample consumption
  • Type C Nebulizers – best when sample load is substantial & significant levels of dissolved solids are typical
  • Type K Nebulizers – beneficial when operating at a lower carrier flow with a smaller internal gas cross-section
  • High Efficiency Nebulizers (HEN) – most suitable to small volume samples analyzed by ICPMS using a small-volume spray chamber and conventional injector

PFA MicroFlow OneTouch Nebulizers

Chemically inert nebulizers can produce a fine aerosol from aggressive acids, alkalis, organics, and high-salt solutions. Ideal for applications with HF.

Versions available for ESI’s FAST & prepFAST systems as well as for direct peripump connection

ICPMS – Compatible Models: 7800/7900/8800/8900

ICP – Compatible Models: 5100/5800/5900

ICPMS – Compatible Models: NexION 300/350/NexION 1000/2000/5000

ICP – Compatible Models: Optima/Avio 200/220 Max/500/550 Max/560 Max

ICPMS – Compatible Models: Element 1/Element 2/Neptune/iCAP Q/RQ/TQ/TOFWERK

ICP – Compatible Models: iCAP PRO/ iCAP 6000/7000

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