Needles for 25μl – 10,0ml

Replacement needles are designed and tested to meet critical instrument performance requirements for dimensional preciseness and overall lifetime. Needle point styles are designed to withstand multiple injections through a septum.

A large variety of replacement needles.

Needle LengthNeedle GaugeNeedle Point StyleNeedle TypeQuantityDetailsReference
5172RNConical Needle2/Pack
5172RNBlunt Needle3/Pack
5172RNBeveled Needle3/Pack2832501
5172RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack2832503
5172RNConical Needle2/Pack2832504
2572RNBlunt Needle3/Pack
5172RNBlunt Needle5/PackSGESGE 038250
5672RNSpecial Conical Needle3/PackILS2832524
6772RNBlunt Needle3/Pack2832640
5172RNBlunt Needle3/Pack2832501
5172RNBeveled Needle3/Pack2832501
3472RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack
5172RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack2832602
5372RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack022000-807-00 MPS
5072RNBlunt Needle3/Pack
5172RNBlunt Needle1/Pack2832501
2072RNBlunt Needle3/Pack
7572RNBlunt Needle3/Pack2832501
12072RNConical Needle3/Pack
7172RNConical Needle3/Pack
12072RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack
7172RNSpecial Conical Needle3/PackHamilton Small Hub7731-04
7172RNConical Needle2/Pack
7272RNConical Needle2/PackILS
7072RNBlunt Needle
7072RNBlunt Needle
2572RNBlunt Needle3/Pack
1972RNBlunt Needle3/Pack
6664RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack2844610
5164RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack2600103
6664RNSpecial Conical Needle3/PackILS2844610
5164RNSpecial Conical Needle3/PackILS2844606
5164RNSpecial Conical Needle3/PackILS2844608
6764RNSpecial Conical Needle3/PackILS2832619
8164RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack2844614
5164RNConical Needle3/Pack
6564RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack
5064RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack
5164RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack022000-805-00
5363RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack022000-806-00
5164RNSpecial Conical Needle3/Pack2844605
5050RNBeveled Needle3/Pack
132RNBlunt Needle1/Pack
92RNSpecial Conical Needle1/Pack

The syringes and replacement needles marketed by Target Analysis are intended for scientific research and laboratory use only and not for in vivo use on humans or animals.


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