Nylon Filters

The nylon filter is one of the most commonly used membranes in syringe filters. It features broad compatibility with aqueous and organic solvents with stable hydrophilicity. This type of syringe filter is not suitable for highly acidic samples.

  • High mechanical and tensile strength
  • Universal application for analytical procedures

Two types in pore size:0.22μm and 0.45μm
Two types in filter size:13mm & 25mm


Effective filtration area (cm2)1.09 for 13mm diameter4.08 for 25mm diameter
Pore size (μm)0.22/0.45
Process volume (mL)<10<100
Maximum operating temperature100
Maximum operating pressure87


  • Used for most organic solvents mixtures and mid-polar liquids
  • Chemical filtration and beverage filtration
  • Nylon binds protein. When conducting experiments with protein recovery is not recommended for that use.
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