PHOENIX | Peptide clean-up

Don’t waste precious time preparing samples. Peptide purification simplified!

Fast, reliable, reproducible peptide clean-up ready for mass spectrometric analysis.

The challenge:

To remove contaminants efficiently, minimizing sample loss before peptide analysis by mass spectrometry.

The solution:

PreOmics’ Phoenix kit for peptide clean-up offers an easy-to use, spin cartridge to clean-up peptide mixtures. Efficiently removing detergents, polymers, salts and lipids for reliable mass spectrometry proteomics analysis.

Streamline workflows

1. Sample

Samples should be liquid with pH<3.

2. Load

Add sample to cartridge and spin, ensure a waste plate is in place.

3. Wash

WASH X, WASH 1 and WASH 2, spin after each addition, and ensure a waste plate is in place.

4. Elute, dry, resuspend

Swap to a collection plate, add ELUTE to cartridge and spin. Dry the eluate and resuspend.

5. MS analysis

Inject and analyze to see improved peptide identities.

Phoenix Products

Phoenix 96x

96 sample kit | Racked into 96 well plate, has collars for individual processing



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