Pipetting reservoirs

Target Analysis offers white polystyrene pipette containers (PS) that are ideal for repeated filling of single- and multi-channel pipettes. Thanks to their innovative design, these disposables are both space-saving and stackable. Their wide rims give them a firm and secure footing. This makes them a straightforward and clean alternative to reusable containers.

The material is recyclable.

This product line is available in three application-oriented versions:

Figure – 1

  • Single container with max. 50 ml volume.
  • Angled bottom for practically complete sample removal and therefore economical in use.
  • Groove graduation at 10, 15, 20 and 25 ml.
  • Labeling field.

Figure – 2

  • Extra-large single reservoir with max. 100 ml volume.
  • Graduations at 50 and 100 ml.
  • Conical bottom for economy due to minimal loss of medium.

Figure – 3

  • Specially designed for use with 8-channel pipettes.
  • 8 separate channels with 6 ml volume each (= 48 ml total).

All items are available gamma-sterilized or non-sterile

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