SGT – Complete Filter Bundle Kit for FID

The Fuel Gas Triple Kit is perfect for purifying carrier gas and flame ionization detector (FID) fuel gases, removing oxygen, moisture and hydrocarbons from the carrier gas using the triple filter and removing both moisture and hydrocarbons from the Fuel gas using the two combi filters. Using the combi filters for FID Hydrogen and air will produce a stable baseline, improving overall reproducability and sensitivity.

Filter TypeGas Type
Triple FilterCarrier Gas
Combi FilterHydrogen
Combi FilterAir
Outlet Gas Quality (%)> 99.9999
Maximum Pressure11 bar (160 psi)
Maximum Flow7 L/min.
Usable ForInert carrier gas, He, H2, N2, AR, Air
Dimensions24 cm x Ø 4.4 cm
Weight0.26 Kg
Estimated Lifetime> 2 years
Capacity – H2O3.5g
Capacity – HC12 g (as n-butane)
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