SpeedCore BIO

SpeedCore BIO phases are optimized for the high resolution, high speed, sensitive separation of Biomolecules.  Specifically optimized pore sizes and bonded ligands are available to aid with these often complex methods.

 Particle SizeS.APore Size% CarbonUSP
SpeedCore Bio Peptide C181.6um160A6L1
SpeedCore BIO Protein C183.5um300A4L1
SpeedCore BIO Protein C83.5um300A3L7
SpeedCore BIO Protein C43.5um300A2L26

SpeedCore BIO Peptide is 160A pore size for smaller peptides and tryptic digests in particular:

SpeedCore BIO Protein C4 is 300A and can be used for much larger protein molecules such as Insulin:

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