Thermo TriPlus

Syringes are designed and tested to meet critical instrument performance requirements for dimensional preciseness and overall lifetime. Needle point styles are designed to withstand multiple injections through a septum.

A large variety of syringes for the most popular autosamplers.

Needle LengthNeedle GaugeNeedle Point StyleNeedle TypeVolumePlunger Tip Material
5164Special Conical NeedleFN10ulSS
5147Special Conical NeedleFN10ulSS
5147Special Conical NeedleFN5ulSS
5164Special Conical NeedleRN0,5ulT
8047Special Conical NeedleFN10ulSS
8064Special Conical NeedleFN10ulSS
5152Special Conical NeedleFN10ulSS
5164Special Conical NeedleFN100ulPTFE
5164Special Conical NeedleRN100ulPTFE

Cross-Reference table

Agilent ReferenceHamilton ReferenceThermo ReferenceSystem
8010-0351203361 TriPlus, AS3000, AS2000, AS200, AS800 Varian CP8400, CP8410, CP9010, CP9050
8010-0352 365D3711TriPlus, AS3000, AS2000, AS200, AS800 CTC CombiPAL
8010-035320405136504047Thermo TriPlus, CTC CombiPAL and GC PAL
8010-0355 36504045TriPlus, AS3000, CTC CombiPAL and GC PAL
8002-0001 36520061Thermo TriPlus, AS2000
8002-0002 36520061Thermo TriPlus, AS2000
8002-0003 36500525Thermo: TriPlus, AS3000, AS2000, AS200, AS800
8010-0354  Thermo TriPlus, AS2000, AS200, AS 800 CTC CombiPAL and GC PAL
8002-0004 36520050Thermo TriPlus, AS2000 CTC CombiPAL and GC PAL

The syringes and replacement needles marketed by Target Analysis are intended for scientific research and laboratory use only and not for in vivo use on humans or animals.


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