Thread to Barbed Adapters

Thread to Barbed Adapters are the ideal solution when you need to connect soft-walled tubing with threaded receiving ports – e.g., connecting of peristaltic pump extension tubing to a traditional selection valve used in chromatographic applications. Within this family of products, we offer three different styles of adapters – standard one-piece adapters; one-piece Conical Adapter Bodies; and Swivel Barb Adapters. (The standard one-piece adapters and Conical Adapter Bodies feature the convenience of a one-piece adapter but also require the barbed stem — used for connecting the soft-walled tubing — to spin as the adapter is connected or disconnected. The Swivel Barb Adapters function as one-piece connectors; however, each adapter is comprised of two pieces that spin freely, which prevents the soft-walled tubing from twisting when these adapters are used.)

Each of these adapter styles has been engineered to work well with different soft-walled tubing inner diameter ranges.

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