Vacuum Control – Degassing System

Degassing Vacuum Control systems include a dual stage vacuum pump and an integrated controller PCB. In a compact design, it eliminates the need for PCB L-brackets. The electronics are integrated and maintain precise vacuum levels for consistent error-free degassing. It has a variable voltage support of 15V to 24V. This system minimizes noise associated with the pump operation. The pumps are also available with side mount or bottom mount screw holes to provide flexibility in system mounting orientation. IDEX offers two types of vacuum control systems based on the methodology applied.

The first one supports current products with “Constant Vacuum” methodology. With fixed vacuum set points these Degassing Vacuum Control Systems are designed for use with any IDEX lumen degassing chamber. They are available in “Preparative” version of the pump for use with water based or high flow applications and the “Analytical” version for low flow applications.

The second type of Degassing Control Systems provides functionality that enables latest “Constant Performance” degassing output for the pump systems. These pumps are designed for use with Film Degasser chamber to provide more control, increased efficiency and tighter control for HPLC instrument precision & reliability. The Constant Performance Degassing Pumps offer an enhanced user experience with patent-pending algorithm that allows advanced control to select the optimal degassing efficiency for any HPLC separation method. With variable vacuum based on method flow rate you can maintain a constant degassing efficiency. By operating at a flow rate defined vacuum levels, significant control of pervaporation and minimal mobile phase changes can be achieved.

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