VHP PK Fittings

UHPLC fittings are manufactured from a proprietary PEEK blend (PK) which allow them to be used at higher temperatures (up to 200 °C) and higher pressures.
The VHP PK One-Piece fittings are available for 10-32 coned, 6-32 coned, or M4 coned ports, and Two-Piece fittings are available to connect either 1/16″ or 1/32″ OD tubing into 10-32 coned ports in multiple styles.
VHP MicroFerrules are made from a proprietary high performance PEEK polymer blend, a material which is unique in its ability to enable the use of capillary tubing in UHPLC environments. The new high pressure MicroFerrules are available for use with 1/32″ or 360 μm OD tubing, and they are incorporated into several of our VHP products for capillary tubing.

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