Fortis SpeedCore C18-PFP

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NEW SpeedCore C18-PFP

  • Orthogonal Selectivity
  • Improve Resolution even at high speed
  • Provide high efficiency
  • Excellent Method Development option

SpeedCore C18-PFP structure

Fortis SpeedCore C18-PFP

SpeedCore C18-PFP features a mixture of C18 alkyl chain ligands and PentaFluoroPhenyl (PFP) ligands. This provides multiple mechanisms of interaction between stationary phase and analytes, allowing for unique selectivity of closely related species and metabolites. No complex mobile phase additives are necessary, therefore simplifying LC method development.

  • π-π (High selectivity)
  • Steric selectivity
  • Hydrophobicity (Highly stable)

Orthogonal Selectivity

Substituted BenzenesFortis SpeedCore C18-PFP - Benzenes

Selectivity of compounds is enhanced on the SpeedCore C18-PFP over traditional C18 stationary phases due to the added steric selectivity and pi-pi interactions available. The result is a robust stationary phase with the high efficiency of core shell particles coupled with the orthogonal selectivity of C18- PFP stationary phase.
Columns: 2.6μm Fortis SpeedCore 150×4.6mm
Mobile Phase:
A: 0.1% Formic acid in Water
B: 0.1% Formic acid in ACN
5 – 100 %B in 10mins
Flow Rate: 1.0ml/min
1. Paracetamol
2. Hydrochlorothiazide
3. Methylphenylsulfoxide
4. Methylphenylsulfone

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