EPA 6010B

This method describes multi-elemental determinations by ICP-OES using sequential or simultaneous optical systems and axial or radial viewing of the plasma. The instrument measures characteristic emission spectra by optical spectrometry. Samples are nebulized and the resulting aerosol is transported to the plasma torch. Element-specific emission spectra are produced by a radio-frequency inductively coupled plasma. The spectra are dispersed by a grating spectrometer, and the intensities of the emission lines are monitored by photosensitive devices.

All matrices, including groundwater, aqueous samples, TCLP and EP extracts, industrial and organic wastes, soils, sludges, sediments, and other solid wastes, require digestion prior to analysis.
Groundwater samples that have been prefiltered and acidified will not need acid digestion.
Samples that are not digested must either use an internal standard or be matrix matched with the standards.

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EPA 6010B
30 componentsElementCas NoConcentration (mg/l)Matrix
PhosphorusP 7723-14-0100 HNO3 5% HF tr% 
PotassiumK 7440-09-7100
SiliconSi 7440-21-3100
AluminumAl 7429-90-520
AntimonySb 7440-36-020
ArsenicAs 7440-38-220
BariumBa 7440-39-320
BerylliumBe 7440-41-720
BoronB 7440-42-820
CadmiumCd 7440-43-920
CalciumCa 7440-70-220
ChromiumCr 7440-47-320
CobaltCo 7440-48-420
CopperCu 7440-50-820
IronFe 7439-89-620
LeadPb 7439-92-120
LithiumLi 7439-93-220
MagnesiumMg 7439-95-420
ManganeseMn 7439-96-520
MolybdenumMo 7439-98-720
NickelNi 7440-02-020
SeleniumSe 7782-49-220
SodiumNa 7440-23-520
StrontiumSr 7440-24-620
ThalliumTl 7440-28-020
TinSn 7440-31-520
TitaniumTi 7440-32-620
VanadiumV 7440-62-220
ZincZn 7440-66-620
SilverAg 7440-22-45
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