Natural Products

Plant foods are rich sources of secondary metabolites, such as phenolic, which significantly protect against human disease. Natural Products are physically occurring compounds in plants. To evaluate and ensure the plant is a safe food product, a reliable identification and quantification method using certified reference materials must be applied.

Here at Target Analysis, we have selected and classified natural products based on their chemistry. We work with manufacturers who are market leaders in the field of secondary metabolites to provide you with high-quality certified phytochemical standards.

All Natural Products are manufactured under the accreditation ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034. 


Alcohols & Phenols

Certified standards with absolute purity

Aldehydes & Ketones

Reliable reference materials


Wide range of phyto-chemical standards


Certified standards with absolute chromatographic purity


High quality plant-derived secondary metabolites with aboslute chromatographic purity

Nitrogen Containing Compounds

Reliable reference materials with absolute chromatographic purity

Organic Acids & Esters

Certified standards with absolute chormatgraphic purity for identification and quantification


Certified reference standards with high purity for Identification and quantification


Plant-derived certifed products for identification and quantification


Plant-derived certified products withg absolute purity
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