Rely on Target Analysis for all your lab needs. Whether you need large lab equipment like freezers, gas generators and incubators or small lab equipment like microscopes, pH meters, pipettes, and pumps.

Explore and choose from a wide range of reliable and accurate laboratory equipment. All products we deliver to you are tested and guaranteed! If something goes wrong, do not worry! We will take responsibility and solve the issues in time! We are a trustworthy partner!


  • Reliable & accurate equipment
  • We offer a wide collection, for every need
  • Tested & guaranteed products

Air Compressor Systems

Oil-free air compressors specifically developed for your applications where air quality is essential for your end-product and production processes.


Comprehensive range of precision and analytical balances created for laboratories.

Cooling & Freezing

Cooling and Freezing super family category are an assemble of categories products that share in common the broad sense of cold. All subcategories and featured products are unique and have excellent performance.


pH-Meters, Conductivity Meters, Sensors & Electrodes, Pocket Testers

Filtration & Separation

The Filtration & Separation super family category is a collection of product categories that share the idea of separating molecules based on their physical behavior under specific conditions.

Gas Generator Systems

Versatile, robust, compact and flexible H2, N2, O2 and air generators


The common heating equipment used in labs

High Purity Water Systems

Water purification solutions that meet your specifications


Monocular, binocular or trinocular configurations to suit most typical applications and requirements.

Mixing & Shaking

Laboratory mixers & shakers are an important part of many labs

Pipettes and Pipettors

If you are looking for the best selection of laboratory pipettes at unbeatable prices, you have come to the right place!


"Plug-and-play" systems with minimal setup or configurable options for specific chemical processes are important in fine-tuning performance and reducing operating costs.
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