Target Analysis is here to guide you to find the most tailored systems to fit your laboratory needs, regardless of your budget, target analytes, and the experience you have working with instrumental analysis.

Explore and choose from a wide range of reliable and accurate scientific instruments. Whether you perform chromatographic analysis using LC /MS, GC/MS, IC or perform spectroscopic analysis, we can equip and support your laboratory with the state of the art instruments.


  • We offer a wide variety of instruments
  • Everything is tailored to your specific needs
  • After sales support

Automation & Sample Preparation

Sample preparation can be automated for a wide variety of applications. Whether stand-alone or directly connected to analytical systems

Density Meters

Density Meters for Chemical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Petro-Chemical, and Beverage Labs

Dissolution & Diffusion Testing Systems

Design and manufacturing of dissolution testing and diffusion testing instruments for pharmaceutical research, product development and quality control

Dynamic & Static Light Scattering

Particle size, polydispersity, particle shape, viscosity, molecular weight, sample structure, elasticity, mean square displacement

Ion Chromatography

A new generation of intelligent ion chromatographs

Liquid Chromatography Systems

Extensive portfolio of chromatography instruments

Mass Spectrometry

Discover new ways to apply mass spectrometry to today’s most pressing analytical challenges


The proven technology of freezing point determination allows fast and reproducible measurements


Instruments for measuring the angle of rotation produced when polarized light passes through an optically active substance


Rudolph manufactures precision quality, benchtop instrumentation. Designed to exceed your requirements.


Saccharimeters with the features Sugar Chemists Demand
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