Target Analysis offers a vast amount of Chemical Standards and Certified Reference Materials for your analysis.

Here you will find Certified Reference Materials in both neat forms and in solutions. We offer stable isotope compounds and a comprehensive range of prepared mixes, produced by laboratories accredited to ISO 17025 and 17034.

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An extensive line for quality control and analytical testing of foods and beverages.

Inorganic Standards

Single and multi-element standards for ICP, ICP-MS, AAS & IC


ASTM, EPA, ICH, etc.

Natural Products

High-quality secondary metabolites for identification and quantification reasons.

NMR Solvents & Reagents

Distributor of deuterated solvents and reagents for NMR Spectroscopy

Organic Certified Reference Materials

We deliver reference materials in neat and solution form such as PAHs, PCBs, phenols, air pollutants, phthalates, volatiles, plasticizers and many more.


A comprehensive list of single and multi-mix standards in solutions and neat form used in testing gasoline, petroleum, and many other chemicals relevant to this category.


Ready-made solutions! Here you will find our proposals.

Stable Isotopes

Specializing in deuterium labeled
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