Media Replace Beaker System

The Media Replace Beaker System consists of a jacketed beaker that warms media to the intended test media temperature. The two ports in the beaker’s jacket connect it to both the Classic 6 water bath and Vision Heater, which allows warmed water to continuously flow through the entire system, creating a stabilized temperature environment for media.

The Media Replace Beaker system is an optional accessory available for the Vision G2 Classic 6 dissolution tester.


  • adds a seventh position for warmed media
  • holds 1 L of solution
  • jacketed exterior keeps media warm for immediate use during your test
  • comes complete with a beaker cover and 6 probes to connect to your Vision® AutoPlus™
  • includes all the tubing and quick-disconnect fittings to connect to your Classic 6™
  • field retrofit option available
Media Replace Beaker System


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