Stainless Steel Tubing

UHPLC Stainless Steel Tubing

Seamless, pre-cut 316 stainless steel tubing meets the exacting requirements of today’s analyses. Thorough preparation guarantees that UHPLC Stainless Steel tubing is truly ready-to-use, with flat-burr-free ends and a clean finish, which ensures zero dead volume connections and good chromatographic results. Each machine-cut end is polished, deburred on the edges and passivated. High-pressure stainless-steel tubing can be sterilized by numerous methods; however, the color-coded band should be removed if present.

We offer a wide selection of outer- and inner-diameters and lengths. Cutting the tubing disturbs the tubing’s surface so we recommend using precut lengths whenever possible. In addition, high-pressure stainless-steel tubing comes with the additional feature of a color-coded band for easy ID identification.

IDEX Health & Sciences provides high-pressure tubing to enable complete optimization of the fluidic pathway. Target Analysis collaborators are the global fluidics leader best known for their expertise in highly engineered fluidics systems and components and are committed to partnering with you to make your flow path successful and efficient.


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