ULD Chromatography

Ultra Low Dispersion Chromatography.

Nearly every chromatographer around the world is facing the problem of unresolved peak pairs or groups. In many cases, the separation achieved with modern HPLC, UHPLC, and core-shell columns is destroyed by an excessive peak dispersion due to an inappropriate extra column volume. 

Ultra Low Dispersion Chromatography (ULDC) is the one and only key to overcome this common problem for every HPLC and UHPLC user. The maximum separation power of every column with its sharpest peaks possible can be accomplished by ULDC.

The new KNAUER AZURA 862 chromatography systems meet the enormous requirements that are essential to minimize the extra column volume and thus the peak dispersion. With this, ULDC with the KNAUER AZURA 862 systems is the new gold standard in chromatography superseding HPLC and UHPLC.

Ultra impact for your HPLC

In the past decades, particle sizes for stationary phases have become smaller and smaller to increase the separation power and to shorten the analysis time. The limiting factor of common HPLC systems for the usage of these small particle columns with better performance is the pressure rating of the system components.

Therefore, components with higher pressure limits have been introduced at very high prices in UHPLC systems. With the new AZURA 862 systems and  ULDC technology by KNAUER the benefits of UHPLC become available for the reasonable price of an HPLC.

The AZURA 862 systems are designed for the highest demands in chromatography. A pressure rating of 862 bar (12500 psi) eliminates the restrictions of classic HPLC systems and ensures the ability to use UHPLC, HPLC, and core-shell columns in combination with an ultra low extra column volume to achieve the maximum separation power.

Exceeding HPLC limits. Sharper peaks.

Ultra Low Dispersion Chromatography (ULDC) with the KNAUER AZURA 862 HPLC systems moves liquid chromatography to the next level. Performance issues due to pressure limitations of a standard HPLC system are now a thing of the past. ULDC ensures that the separation power of the column is not wasted due to large extra column volume. Unleash your column’s performance.

The ultimate peak performance that comes with ULDC is the key to accurate, reliable, and outstanding results for every lab and every analysis.

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