Focus on Automation

“Automation Doesn’t Just Create or Destroy Jobs — It Transforms Them.”

Ashley Nunes

-But why is the focus on automated solutions?

Automation is the solution to several manual drawbacks and bottlenecks in the laboratory. Manual multi-step sample preparation is a slow and labor-intensive process and has a huge impact on data quality and usually is followed by significant errors. Driven by the needs of the Health Care, Life Science, and International Food industries with standards and regulations, the automated data of chemical analysis are not only for a local approach anymore but of global use and impact.

Samples arriving in the analytical laboratory usually cannot be applied directly to analytical instruments. Before the analysis, every sample must pass through several steps of preparation. Each step is critical and can be a source of contamination and errors. Conducting a manual sample prep, the method’s precision and the results’ trueness may be affected due to handling mistakes.

Graphical illustration of high-impact human-made errors on the analytical results

Established standardized analytical methods for automated sample preparation – comply with validated methods:

  • European Standards (EN)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • Association of Official Analytical Chemists (now AOAC International)
  • American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA)
  • Pharmacopias 
  • Similar organizations

Automation reduces the quite normal human manual variation and mistakes in the sample processing using adequately configured robots for the standard workflows.

The target of the sample preparation is to extract from complex matrices the analytes, especially in trace analysis where the target analytes are found in low concentration. The high excess of the matrix in a sample is eliminated by a clean-up technique to increase the concentration of the target molecules and the co-extracts making them suitable for detection and quantification. Today, the demand for multi-analysis, whether approaching targeted or untargeted, like pesticides, mycotoxins, drugs, or personal care products, is increasingly addressed.

A recent survey revealed that 2/3 of the analysis time is spent on sample preparation. Manual sample preparation is the biggest source of error in the analysis. Are you still thinking of doing it manually? Embrace the transformation to accelerate science, drive productivity, and manage risk with advanced automated workstations! Laboratory automation systems can rebuild the way you think about your lab! Intelligently integrate robotics to make your workflow more efficient and better utilize your staff.

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