SPE Cartridges

Online Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges (SPE) | CHROSPE Cartridges for Online Sample Preparation

CHROSPE SPE cartridges are the most advanced commercially-available SPE consumables for online SPE.

Developed over nearly four decades of research and practical application, CHROSPEcartridges have been used for online sample prep of hundreds of compounds across pharmaceutical, environmental, forensic, clinical, food/agriculture and other target markets.

Available CHROSPE Phases

CHROSPEcartridges come in two:

  • pressure ranges, and
  • six main phase categories,

to accommodate the widest possible range of applications; these categories include non-polar, polar, cation-exchange, anion-exchange, and two mixed-mode categories (cation-exchange/non-polar, and anion exchange/non-polar). Some of these phases may be used in more than one chromatographic mode depending on the solvent environment (for example, C2 and CN phases may be used in either non-polar or polar extraction modes). Other phases – such as the mixed mode phases – are specifically designed to be used in more than one mode, for enhanced selectivity and cleaner sample extracts.

Details of the different sorbent chemistries are described in the products.
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